5 Things You Can Expect When Your Hire a Mobile Bar

An epic bash needs epic refreshments and a great way to serve them. Don’t be the party that leaves guests with a bad taste in their mouths. Instead, leave them talking about it for years to come. The mobile bar from Rolling Refreshment is an affordable (and awesome) way to get you everything you need and some benefits you might not have expected.

More Than Beer

If you thought beer was the only thing that comes in kegs, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Your mobile drinks provider can handle kegs of premixed cocktails, ciders, wines, sangria, and, of course, beer and ale.

Don’t leave the kids and designated drivers out of the fun, either. Cold brew coffee, kombucha, sodas, and even sparkling water taste even better when they’re on-tap.

An Unforgettable Experience

Every party has a table with bottles of soda and wine sitting on it. Step yours up a notch with fresh, on-tap kegs served from the side of vintage vehicles in perfect condition. Pouring drinks and checking out the vehicles is as much fun as enjoying the drinks!

Not only will your bar stand out in itself, but you get to work with drinks professionals who love to have fun, think outside the box, and create a great time for everyone.

Premium Mobile Bar Services

The Ultimate Flexibility

You’ve set up the bar and now realize it’s in an inconvenient place. Maybe there’s no shade or the wind shifts, and the pit BBQ is smoking everyone out. With a regular setup, you either go through the enormous hassle of moving everything or you just leave it.

With a mobile bar on the back of a vintage vehicle, none of that is an issue. Need to move the bar 30 feet farther up the hill? No worries. Want to flip the whole thing around? Just start up the vehicle, and it’s done in seconds.

Customizable Service

What kind of service does your party need? Do you want someone else to take care of all the hassle, get the supplies, and provide attendants to take care of stuff and clean up afterward? With a full-service package, that's no problem. Are you more of a DIY person who wants to retain creative control over every aspect? That's cool. Your mobile drinks provider can just send you the vehicle, show you how to use everything, and then leave it up to you to make your party a night no guest will ever forget.

Planning Help

Are you having trouble thinking about what to do for your event? We can help you there. Your mobile bar provider can double as party planner—after all, managing parties is what they do!

If you’re not sure what drinks to have on hand, how much you need, or how much of each type to grab, your mobile drinks specialist can tell you exactly what you need and even help you source the best place to get it.

Make Your Next Party Amazing

You want your event to be different, so contact Rolling Refreshment in Austin, TX today. We’ve got everything you need to throw an epic bash no one will ever forget.

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